How we investigate:

The following explains what a typical investigation entails from our standpoint. It will give you a better idea of what to expect when we arrive. If you have any questions, e-mail us at

Before we arrive: Please place any pets in their pens, or have them under restraint as we want our safety concerns put to rest. (Dogs bark and often can contaminate audio. Cats tend to notice anything foreign to the home and will chew on wiring, play with cameras, etc.) Also, please do not 'invite guests' or friends or relatives to come by before we arrive. (The less people on-site, the better as this allows for better control of the environment and less audio contamination. It will also help us explain any recorded unforeseen shadows that may be the result of an uninvited guest wandering around the location that we were not aware of.)
Typically 3-5 members of our group will arrive at your location. Investigation permission forms and client confidentiality forms are signed before going any further.  Equipment will be unloaded and brought inside. The owner(s) and/or witnesses will be asked to give us a tour of the location pointing out areas of interest or where paranormal activity has taken place.

Upon completing a tour, if Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) are to be used, the team will then begin making decisions on where the DVR cameras will be placed. The cameras will typically be taped down (using painter's tape) - by using painter's tape, it should not become a concern of the client as painter's tape is tacky and easy release so it will not pull paint or any surface material when removed.
After the DVR systems are in place, various tests involving recording EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), temperature checks, EMF (electromagnetic field) sweeps as well as taking random pictures around the location will be performed.

We like to do investigations overnight but will accommodate a client if this is far too long or impossible to do. We investigate during the evening hours because the noise level is much lower. (Less traffic driving by outside, less barking dogs, no one mowing lawns etc.)

After we have completed the investigation, we will pack everything up (breaking down the DVR systems first) and leave the site in exactly the same condition as when we arrived. Our next step is to begin combing the recorded audio/video and pictures we've taken and begin looking for possible paranormal activity. This can take from a week to two weeks.

Anything we find that may be paranormal in nature will be shared with the client. Copies may be provided on CD or sent via Dropbox at the owner's request. And our confidentiality agreement will be enforced.

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