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Thanks to everyone for attending the Athenaeum Event last weekend. We have a lot of audio and video to review and it will take us some time to go through it all.

The Athenaeum is a wonderful, beautiful historic home that needs to be protected and is in constant need of repair. The continued support of the public is so appreciated. Make sure to visit all the historical places in Maury County and donate when and where you can.

Be sure to check your email for any evidence we found.

Also, keep your eyes and ears open to more exciting events featuring the paranormal investigations. October will be a blast!

Sherry Gore
Director of IPR

We provide confidential services to those who feel they may be having paranormal experiences, ghosts or a haunting in their home or business.  We provide these services at no charge to you.  Our Mission is to help those who may be living with a phenomena that can be disruptive and/or traumatic.  Our team uses a scientific approach to determine the extent of a haunting. Supporting evidence may be in the form of video, audio and/or photographs.  We respect your privacy and ALL information is kept confidential. Our team does not rid a home of activity; we don't do house blessings  or attempt to help an entity "cross over" - what our tem does is strive to give you techniques to empower you to take control of your particular situation. We want to help you alleviate the stress of dealing with possible paranormal activity.

We do not charge for investigations - All Services are FREE
  Contact us to request an investigation:    615.900.0515   -   IPRinvestigations@gmail.com
You must be at least 18 years old in order to submit a request.
Please fill out the IPR Questionnaire - see the link at the top of the page.